Karting history

The history of such an exciting sport and leisure as karting is small. Karting is not even 100 years old. It appeared after world war II in the United States. Military pilots in their spare time arranged races on converted carts for the delivery of weapons.

This was noticed by the mechanic and inventor Art Ingles and soon proposed the first model of the map in 1956. He presented it quite noticeably, at the race in Pomona. There was a gradual increase in interest in karting.

Soon, a group of entrepreneurs, Rawls, Livingston, and Desbrough founded the world's first go Kart card company. In the United States, the sport began to be popular and the company opened the first karting club.


Our Karting  is set out over 2 stories. Painted black in a space theme with UV lights to enhance the feeling of being in another world. ‚Äč The Fully computerised laser vests interact with you throughout the game and update you as you play.